NOTD: Luxe Lavender

July 09, 2010

I've been wanting Barry M's Berry Ice Cream nail paint for the longest time but out of the 4 Superdrugs and numerous Boots in the area, I can't find it anywhere! I realise they have it online but I'm too stingy to pay postage for one nail polish ;)

I found this Avon dupe and lavender nails will be taking over from mint green because I love it! :D The colour is perfect and besides minor wear around the tips from typing, it seems to be holding up pretty well! A bargain for £3!

I'm still tempted to try some of the other Barry M ice cream colours though.
What're your thoughts on pastel nails?


  1. ohhh! that color is really nice! i like pastel shade nails, but a lot of times, the nail polish doesn't go on my nails as smoothly as a darker shade.. but i still think they look nice!

  2. I likey that color!! Pretty!

  3. Im a big fan of pastel nails, especially for the summer. Since I am dark skin, I think they flatter my complexion the best. The color you're wearing is great. I love me some pastel purple and pink nail polishes

  4. Lovely colour!
    I'm a huge fan of pastel nail polish, especially mint green and lavender.

  5. i bought the pink, lavender, blue and baby pink shades from barry m, and of them all i only like the blue. they all seem kind of gloopy to me and they don't go on smoothly, and they're very transparent, you'd need about 3 coats to get it as opaque as you have with that nail polish. i would recommend you stick with that one and don't waste your money on the barry m ones!

    btw that colour looks lovely against your skin, i am like milk-bottle pale and it just looks like i've slammed my fingers in a door if i wear purple or lilac nail polish xD

    manda xx

  6. Lovely colour, i love pastels

  7. i was hardcore user of dark, rich nail colours but i went a bit mad when boots had a 3 for 2 on cosmetics and bought pastel barry m colours.
    i bought berry ice cream and bluberry ice cream and one of the pinks, which was less pastel and more hooker pink : )
    i love them! they get worn less than my darker colours or red but are really summerry and lovely.

    the only other light colour i'd tried was white and bought a mac one cos i thought it might be decent but as with all of the whites i've tried io hated the everything about it.

    so yeah. love pastels. love barry m and love your nails : )

  8. That's really pretty! I am wearing the mint green color from Barry M right now. I've ordered a similar lavender from ASOS, but I think it might be an "old" Barry M, nit the new ice cream one. We'll see.

  9. AMAZING colour. Love love love.


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