30 Days Tag: Day 9 - A Photo That You Took

Kanye West, Glow in the Dark Tour 2008.

We queued for hours and were on the front row but after watching several acts, including Kid Cudi and Mr Hudson it was one of the worst shows I've been to!

The stage set up was ridiculous, he had a band moving up and down in front of an elevated stage, with smoke continuously billowing out. So for most of the time we couldn't see anything. He had no dancers, so when he kept randomly walking off the stage, there was big gaps of nothing, to the point that when it ended, no one even noticed. He also didn't acknowledge the audience, besides slipping the name of the town into a song, there was no interaction whatsoever. Overall a very tedious evening! ;(

It's pretty sad that in comparison, I saw McFly a couple of days prior and their show was amazing. It's the act that makes the show, not the music! :)


  1. Despite the not so great time, you took an amazing photo!

    xoxo Maria

  2. Did you see him in Newcastle? I used to work at the Arena and SO many people walked out of that gig it was unreal!

  3. Wow, that sounds pretty lame. Too bad you couldn't get your money back for that concert.

  4. That tour was amazing! That was one of the best weeks of my life. I saw Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige for the Heart of the City Tour and three days later I saw Kanye and Lupe Fiasco! Oh, and RiRi, who kinda sucked live. :/